Looking for a position of a Front End Developer

Feb 26, 2019 by svdlg in  Job Board

One of our SVDLG members is looking for a full time position of a frontend developer. Described as extremely hardworking, energized, focused frontend developer.

Skilled with the lasted best practices in React, he is excellent as designing clean functional UI’s with little to no direction. He is also a quick study for learning newer frameworks and technologies. His code quality is clean, well documented, and modular. Highly motivated, he would be an asset for any organization.

If, as an HR manager, you are worried about work visa, this engineer is a US citizen based in Silicon Valley. Please contact us at svdlgroup AT gmail.com and we will put you in touch. Thank you, SVDLG

Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Feb 06, 2019

IDbyDNA is seeking a Data Scientist in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning with experience in natural
language processing to join our rapidly growing research and development team dedicated to advance
precision diagnostics for infectious diseases.