Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Feb 06, 2019 by svdlg in  Job Board

IDbyDNA is seeking a Data Scientist in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning with experience in natural
language processing to join our rapidly growing research and development team dedicated to advance
precision diagnostics for infectious diseases.

The Position
• Data scientist position working within a team of bioinformaticians and computer scientists
developing the future of infectious disease tests
• Develop AI applications to improve precision diagnostics by using multidimensional data from
thousands of patient samples and unstructured text data
• Build models based on millions of text documents to gain insight into the link between human
disease and microorganisms
• Apply document-classification models for the molecular classification of pathogens to diagnose
infectious disease
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in AI or Computer Science with an AI emphasis (equivalent
experience will also be considered)
• Building complex, scalable models using Tensorflow
• Proficiency with the Python programming language
• Experience with C++
• Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms
About IDbyDNA: IDbyDNA has developed transformative metagenomics technology to simultaneously
profile tens of thousands of microorganisms and pathogens in any sample using cutting-edge, metagenomic
next generation sequencing methods. We apply this technology to offer precision medicine solutions by
identifying microorganisms that have previously been missed and inform optimal treatment of patients with
infectious diseases. Our turn-key Explify ® platform easily integrates into medical laboratories to deliver
actionable information to healthcare providers. Working with our global partners, we are setting the
standard for the identification and understanding of microorganisms and their role in human health.

If you share our passion for improving the lives of patients with infectious diseases using the latest genomics
and computational approaches, please contact us at

Looking for a position of a Front End Developer

Feb 26, 2019

One of our SVDLG members is looking for a full time position of a frontend developer. Described as extremely hardworking, energized, focused frontend developer.