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    Our Goals and Philosophy

    The Silicon Valley Deep Learning Group (SVDLG) is a not-for-profit community initiative with over 4,000 members in the San Fransisco Bay Area. SVDLG’s goal is to provide a universal point of entry and avenue of advancement for members of the Silicon Valley community interested in the evolution of the technology of Deep Neural Networks, also called Deep Learning. SVDLG was founded in the spirit of organizations such as the Homebrew Computer Club of the 70s and 80s. We would like to facilitate the sharing of information between scientists developing the technology, engineer practitioners, investors, founders, entrepreneurs, the media, and other interested parties. Working together everyone can find a way to succeed and take part in what we believe is the next great revolution in computer technology. You are welcome to come join us. Please take the time to sign up on as seating can be limited. We are excited to meet you and to learn from what you have to contribute to the SVDLG community. We are also on Facebook and Twitterand we are looking forward to having you join us, even if you live and work outside Silicon Valley. Join Us on the Meetup
  • Early stage investing in AI and Robotics startups

    Early stage investing in AI and Robotics startups - VC panel from Comet Labs, Bloomberg Beta, Data Collective and Lux Capital moderated by Cooley's own Kevin Rooney.
    Do you want to know what criteria early-stage AI and robotics investors are really looking for when they assess startups? Curious about the trends that investors are seeing in this space? Join us for a panel with top investors from Comet Labs (Adam Kell), Bloomberg Beta (James Cham), Data Collective (Jean Xin), Lux Capital (Shahin Farshchi) and Kevin Rooney (Cooley) who will be joining the panel as the moderator for an engaging panel discussion about the ins and outs of early-stage investing in the AI and robotics space. We'll leave time at the end for networking as well.

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    We record the videos of talks given to our Silicon Valley Deep Learning Group. Enjoy watching the past talks on our Youtube chanel if you are not in the Bay Area or if you are, but missed a few talks. Our Youtube chanel
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Our events are open events to which the public is broadly invited. Most events feature speakers, who are working in the field of deep learning, as well as social and networking time for attendees to meet one another and to make new connections. At past events, founders have met scientists, companies have been formed, jobs have been filled or found, and careers have found new and exciting directions.

Our Mission

Silicon Valley Deep Learning Group™ provides education and career opportunities for technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, businessperson and companies in deep learning.